In the industry, this is known as ‘passive cooling’

Computers generate a fair bit of heat; a significant portion of their power usage is wasted not only in excess heat (primarily from the CPU), but additional power to drive fans intended to help keep them from catching fire.

During the holidays, the site team helpfully give us a hand keeping the computers cool. They turn off the school’s heating.

I get that heating the entire school for a handful of people is wasteful. It doesn’t make wandering the school in 3 layers and a hat any less irritating. Two winters ago it was so bad that not only had I taken to wearing a ski jacket in the IT labs, but we had to abandon our normal offices and retreat to an office in the middle of the school which has few outside walls.

This week marks the beginning of the first real cold snap, and so far our new office is proving fairly well insulated. Nonetheless, my typing is getting slower from the cold and I’ve broken out the electric heater.

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