The same mistakes

One thing you find a lot in schools is that when one student finds some new flash game, or prank site, or a new way around the web filters, suddenly half the school knows about it.

Unfortunately, the same applies to screw-ups.  One day we’ll find a student has done something stupid, and the next day we find 5 more have done the same.

We’ve seen a few of the student’s own laptops recently, many of which have been broken by one of two programs that the students have installed because it’s the ‘new cool thing’ to install on their computers. Why is it that news of these programs spreads so rapidly, but news of their destructiveness does not? I think I’d be less annoyed if the programs at least claimed to do something useful before they destroy the computer, but most of the time they are simply gimmicks.

I suppose at least the students are learning to be a bit more discerning over what they install. If not, at least they are getting their comeuppance for installing pirated software.

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The Angry Technician is an experienced IT professional in the UK education sector. Normally found in various states of annoyance on his blog. All views are those of his imaginary pet dog, Howard.
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