Have you learned NOTHING?

Remember the Y2K bug?

You know, that one where computer programs broke when dealing with the year 2000 because they only checked the last 2 digits and believed it was 1900? One would think that after that, people would learn to check numbers properly, instead of just checking part of it and assuming the rest.

Not so.

Many websites that use Adobe Flash Player check the version of Flash that you have first. The version number that Flash sends to websites is in a format along the lines of – this indicates major version 9, minor version 0, build 124, revision 0.

Most sites only care about the major version, and so they lazily only check the first digit. So, what do you think happens when a site using this method finds version 10, which was released a couple of weeks ago, and has a version number of

If you said “Oh my word, those lazy morons are going to think it’s version 1,” then you get a gold star, unlike the sites requiring, say, version 6 or greater that are now saying that version 10 of Flash is too old.

What’s even more retarded is that today I’ve seen this problem on a website designed by Adobe.


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