As usual, the student claimed they had no idea how this happened.


I, on the other hand, can tell exactly what’s happened. The ‘ring’ fracture here suggests that it’s had inward pressure applied to the centre of the lid while the laptop lid was closed. Most likely cause? Cramming the laptop into a full bag which has then been at the bottom of a pile of bags, sat on, or used as a pillow.

Replacement LCD panels are not cheap.

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One response to “Crush”

  1. Kealey says :

    We once had a technician, I use the term with a great deal of latitude, who was presented with a broken laptop. The casing for the screen was starting to come apart so he decided a drop of glue would be good. However the plastic kept springing apart so, wait for it, he got two piece of wood and a g-clamp from technology and applied a splint. Guess what? The screen shattered! He doesn’t work here any more!

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