We don’t have strict quotas on printing for our students, but we do expect them not to take the piss, and have a system in place which allows us to ban those who do. Unfortunately the ban is really just a killswitch for their account that completely prevents them from connecting to the printer, and doesn’t have a nice friendly message saying “You are banned, muppet.”

Instead, whatever program they are using will give them an indecipherable message about the printer setup being wrong, which usually leads them to raise a ticket.

Today we received such a ticket. When I reply to these I like to give them a nice explanation of what obscene quantity of printing brought about their ban, so I looked up his print history.

He was banned 18 months ago.

When I checked my email from the day in question, I found a message that I had sent to a senior member of teaching staff about how I’d just thrown the kid out of an IT lab within minutes of the infraction that brought my wrath upon him. It’s very rare that I’ll do that, and is reserved only for the worst cases.

Tickled by the memory of this, I decided it was only fair I remind the student in question of the precise reasons for his ban, and sent him off for his long-postponed meeting with the teacher I’d emailed last year.

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