Second opinion

Second opinions are not always a good thing. Specifically, they are not a good thing when:

  1. You want a second opinion because the first person said ‘no’. There is one particular member of staff who is fond of asking me to do something, and when I say ‘no’, because there is a school policy that says I shouldn’t do it, will promptly go away and try another member of the IT team to see if they can trick them into saying ‘yes’. Their usual tactic is to omit key details of the request that they imparted to me the first time around, or to drop the request on the other technician and flee without giving them a chance to refuse it. Devious scumbags like this do my head in.
  2. You want a second opinion because you thought that if a different person asked me the same question, they would get a different answer.Today I was asked a question by someone who had already had their question answered via another member of their department who asked me the same thing last week, but for some reason they thought that either this person was insane, or that I deliberately gave them the wrong answer. The latter option makes even less sense since if I was going to lie to the first person, I certainly wouldn’t be treating the second differently.

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One response to “Second opinion”

  1. BM says :

    Had this recently too. Our Facilites manager requested some software to be installed which we know is crap and killed his laptop last time. Another member of IT told him it was crap and we wouldnt install it. He then went round most of the dept trying to get a yes. Eventually he asked the dept manager who is not technical who said, Yes!

    You can guess what happened next.

    Great blog btw.

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