One of our lab printers jammed earlier. I find out when this happens almost immediately since I’ve our printers up to email me whenever they jam, run out of toner, or feel lonely.

When I went to sort it out, I found out the reason for the jam. The printer had run out of paper. It only takes size A4, and there was none spare in the room. To get around this problem, some idiot child had inexpertly folded a piece of A3 paper in half, and stuck it in the paper drawer.

Now, when I say ‘in half’, what I mean is, if you were attempting to cut a cake in half by dropping a book spine-first from the top of a building onto the waiting cake below, you would probably end up with a more precise half than this kid had managed.

To put this in context, the school’s paper store is less than 30 seconds walk from the lab.

People really are lazy sometimes.

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