No, the Internet is not broken.

Every single IT Support professional has heard it at some point.

“The Internet’s broken.”

No. No, it’s not.

Microsoft’s Ray Fleming explains our shared dislike of this moronic phrase in a little more detail: “3 billion nodes, millions of switches/hubs/routers, thousands of undersea cables. They’re broken?”

If the Internet broke, the result would be epic in proportion. I think it’s fair to say that the Internet is now the primary communication network for pretty much the entire planet. Ignoring the utter implausibility of the concept, let’s assume  that it suddenly stopped working in its entirety.

Worldwide communications would be utterly disrupted. Almost all electronic commerce, globally, would stop. There would be chaos. It would be the only story running on any news channel, assuming they could broadcast at all given that a lot of their equipment relies on the Internet too.

So, even if it had stopped working, I’d well know about it by now. If you come and tell me that the Internet is broken, either you’re wrong, or you’re wasting your time.

The Opte Project)

The Internet (Credit: The Opte Project)

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2 responses to “No, the Internet is not broken.”

  1. MrSmith says :

    It’s even better when people tell me the internet is running slowly. The only intelligent retort is along the lines, “yes, the globe is approaching a temperature of absolute zero”…

  2. BM says :

    I love the skit in the onion movie where the news reports on the fact the internet went down today and resulted in major work startages and millions of people across the country were unable to ‘dick around on the web at work’.

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