There are those working in IT who staunchly maintain that no problem is too complex that it cannot be solved with duct tape. Apparently, there are those working in other fields who believe that anything can be mended with superglue.


LadiesMan recounted the sorry tale behind this to me after bringing it back as a souvenir back from another school he supports. Upon breaking the plastic casing surrounding the USB port on their laptop, the guilty teacher here enlisted the aid of their husband, who decided the best course of action would be to pour as much superglue into the casing as possible to try and fix the plastic back in place. While it may look like he’s only coated the outside of the port here, what he instead managed was to fill the USB port with glue to the point that it became impossible to plug anything into it.

It’s superglue, so it’s not coming out. The USB port is soldered directly onto the motherboard, so it’s new motherboard time.

To recap:

  • Initial problem: broken plastics. Cost to repair: usually less than £50 (in this case it would have actually cost nothing since there were available spares on site).
  • Resulting problem: wrecked USB port (and therefore motherboard). Cost to repair: more than £200.


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