I hate driving. My commute is not short, and I’d much rather be without it. That’s why I like snow days. The school being closed means I avoid having to drive at some ungodly hour through a maze of seemingly drunken imbeciles who appear to be intent on taking as many people with them as they careen into the nearest stationary object. Instead, I can stay safely at home and get some admin work done via VPN.

Or at least I could, if the school made up its mind soon enough about closing. Instead, after confirming at 7am with Bond that the school was indeed going to open, I was 15 mins and three slightly-skidded corners into my commute when I got the call telling me I could turn around. Apparently the Head only changed his mind when he discovered almost every other school in the county was closing, and decided he didn’t want to look like an idiot by insisting the students come in, only for a bus full of them to end up in a ditch.

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  1. Anonymous says :

    My local school stayed open (fair enough, because there wasn’t that much snow where we are) but the head decided it was too dangerous for the kids to play out in the snow at lunchtime (“they might slip over”), so they arrived home with tons and tons of built-up energy which got released in the neighbourhood instead.

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