The Confession

“Oh, here it comes!”

This is a phrase that you might often hear us utter about 4 minutes after someone arrives with a problem. In they will slope, broken laptop in hand, with an ‘it just done broke’ story. We’ll tinker for a few minutes while the user projects an aura of serene confusion over what could have gone wrong, when suddenly something changes.

The guilt kicks in.

“Oh,” says our visitor, “I did this thing that might have had something to do with it…”

…and then it comes. Mid-diagnosis confessions are quite common. Just as we are about to zero in on the problem, the user will panic and suddenly confess that a few days ago they stuffed a banana into the DVD drive and attempted to cook it using the laser, and that their problem with the screen spurting smoke every time they open Word started just after that.

Curiously, staff are more likely to crack then students. I’m not sure whether this means the students are more ignorant of their own mistakes, or just better at covering them up.

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The Angry Technician is an experienced IT professional in the UK education sector. Normally found in various states of annoyance on his blog. All views are those of his imaginary pet dog, Howard.

3 responses to “The Confession”

  1. Ellira says :

    It means the students are more *afraid*. ;)

    I have more of a problem with people divulging vital information halfway through a diagnosis. A computer wasn’t connecting to the network the other day, so after trying to reconnect it, checking the wire, the socket etc etc, so I tell them it’s probably something knocked out by the builders.

    “Oh yes, it did start just after they arrived.”

    “That’ll be it, then,” I say, as I wipe the thick layer of dust off my best trousers and straighten the crick in my neck!

    I think the worst are the ones that don’t own up, even when it’s blatantly obvious they’ve done something.

  2. Kaptinn says :

    I’m still laughing.
    Tears are coming out of my eyes, here.

  3. Alex says :

    We have seen the same. Had the laptop 3 months then state it has a fault with the screen that has suddenly just come to light. When the machine is off you can clearly see a huge crack across the screen, and an impact mark on the case…..But a design fault ! lol

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