Everyone hates HP

Of the top ten search terms to have led people to my blog in the last week, seven of them have been the following (in this order):

  • bloated hp driver
  • hp ******* driver
  • hp printer stuck in mirror image
  • hp server ****
  • ******* hp driver
  • i ******* hate hp
  • i ******* hate my hp

While it’s great to see the anger, since I also hate HP, I can also offer some help for those with their HP printer stuck in mirror-image mode. First, check that the Mirror Image box is not ticked in Printing Preferences (it’s on the Finishing tab under Orientation). If it’s clear, I would suggest going to the Printing Shortcuts tab, selecting a shortcut other than Factory Defaults, then selecting Factory Defaults again.


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6 responses to “Everyone hates HP”

  1. mr smith says :

    Nice. It’s great people are coming to your blog for the right reasons :)

  2. Craig says :

    Three hours ago I asked the hp software to exit, because I never use it, and it still sits in the system tray. It is bad software. I don’t hate the company, I hate the 45 meg of crap that they installed on my pc when I do not need more than 5% of it.

  3. matt says :

    i hate hp also

    Pros: it turns on

    Cons: very very very poor customer service
    buggy volume control
    mouse buttons are stiff and not good for extended use
    if you have a problem, good luck getting it fixed
    It runs slow and I bought 4 gb of ram
    It gets hot

    Summary: first night I had it a yellow line appeared on my screen,
    when I called customer service they made me jump through all of these hoops
    I’ve spent over 3hrs on the phone with them trying to get them to ship me a box
    so I can send it back, and I’m still waiting, in fact i’m on hold with them right now.

    Customer service is very vindictive/uncaring

    I tried writing a review on HPs site, and they didnt post it, to me, that speaks volumes.

    • suzanne says :

      horrible, horrible customer service — touchsmart computer started blue screening 45 days after it arrived new from the factory. spent an entire weekend on the phone with india. message indicated video card problems. sent to service center. 3.5 weeks later the machine is returned with a new hard drive!! wtf? why a new hard drive? same problems. call tech support and the issue is ‘escalated’ to a case worker in canada. i expressed my lack of confidence in their repair center. case worker totally snowed me: ‘i will shepherd your computer thru the system. i will stay in contact. we will replace the motherboard’. btw, the video card is integrated in the motherboard. a week later my machine returns from service center. same bsod within 2 days of receiving. i look at the documentation from the service center and guess what? no hardware replaced! it was reimaged and determined ‘fixed’. i called my case worker and was told that the hardware passed diagnostic tests and that i should run system recovery. are u kidding me? apparently she doesn’t have a supervisor and all her higher ups are ‘busy running hp business’. i really, really, hate hp

  4. Paul Hugenberger says :

    I am on the phone with HP as I write this and have just about had it with there AIO printers. I have been working on Installing a new HP Photosmart C4780 on a brand new Dell Laptop with Windows 7 for over 3 hours now. I can not tell you how much I dislike HP software. NO PRINTER should require installing over 300MB of junk or take over 30 minutes to install on a single computer. And if something goes wrong ( which is very likely) it takes another 30 minutes to uninstall.

    It is Canon from now on!

  5. dave hall says :


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