Dear Samsung

I called you about a hardware problem with your NC10 netbook that I’ve been trialling. You almost immediately washed your hands of the problem with the mistaken explanation that it’s a problem with Microsoft’s software. You did so without even looking properly at the issue that I’ve taken the time to carefully document.

Be advised that I am also trialling other manufacturers’ products.

What’s more, those manufacturers had the same problem with their kit, but unlike you they actually care and had already issued fixes for their products in the form of a BIOS update (thus demonstrating it is not Microsoft’s problem), which is why I suggested to your support monkey that the problem needed a BIOS update to resolve it.

You may well have made the decision that you’re not going to support what I’m trying to do because you’re not aiming for my market. However, when we make a £45,000 order for netbooks later this year, the experience I have with you now will greatly determine whether I do business with you in the future. The tragedy is that your netbook is actually quite good, but you are seriously letting yourself down by having morons in your support department.

Love and kisses,

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The Angry Technician is an experienced IT professional in the UK education sector. Normally found in various states of annoyance on his blog. All views are those of his imaginary pet dog, Howard.

5 responses to “Dear Samsung”

  1. Matthew Hughes says :

    Argh, we have just ordered one for a similar reason i would imagine.

    Fingers crossed eh haha.


  2. AngryTechnician says :

    The specific problem I encountered is not that common, but the fact they were completely unwilling to even try to deal with it was telling.

    We’re still looking at other manufacturers. We normally buy Dell, but their netbook offerings have been a bit mediocre so far; we’re holding out hope for a new model that our account manager has been sneaking us details of (which I can’t discuss, obviously).

  3. Matthew Hughes says :

    Hey AngryTech,

    It would be nice to keep in touch about your testing of the UMPC’s as we are doing the same thing, i would assume the 150 are for your pupils and we are looking at getting 120 for our pupils next year.

    Please let us know how you get on with this?



  4. Matthew Hughes says :

    Did you ever get anywhere with this Mr Technician?

    We will be ringing samsung today as well in the hope that if more people ring then things will get done. (I remain hopeful of these things)



  5. AngryTechnician says :

    We ended up working around the problem by using a MAK to activate Vista instead of using our KMS server. Samsung’s standard line is “we don’t support Vista on this machine”, even though it’s a BIOS problem, not a Vista problem.

    Acer and Toshiba have both already fixed the same problem on their netbooks. It is down to the manufacturer, and Samsung don’t want to play.

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