Things not to keep on your school file server #1

An 800MB collection of the first season of Thundercats.

This is a stupid thing for a student to keep under their account on the school file server. It will not only be deleted, but will also elicit from me a note to your form tutor to be read out in front of the form about what exactly we removed from your account.

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The Angry Technician is an experienced IT professional in the UK education sector. Normally found in various states of annoyance on his blog. All views are those of his imaginary pet dog, Howard.

3 responses to “Things not to keep on your school file server #1”

  1. Chris Thomas says :

    Thundercats rules! One could surely argue that the kid has a reasonable level of intelligence; he did store it somewhere where the files would be backed up should he ever lose them :)

  2. Giles says :

    *Searches ‘Thundercats .torrent’*


    What would the reaction of a group of current teenagers be? It was totally cool a few years ago…

  3. AngryTechnician says :

    I honestly don’t know. I’ll have to check if the kid now has any notes on his student record about being bullied by people calling him ‘Snarf’.

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