Never ask me to do a survey

You’ve probably noticed that I can be somewhat scathing at times, especially when it comes to companies that produce rubbish hardware, rubbish software, or both. So when they send me a customer satisfaction survey after being inevitably disappointed when calling their support line, you had better believe I do not hold back.

Adobe sent me a survey recently. Not having solved my problem ensured the feedback got off to a bad start. Not having solved the problem 6 months after being notified of the bug made things worse. Closing my original case 5 months ago after explicitly agreeing they would leave it open until a resolution was found was really just the icing on the cake.

This survey response was not a testament to their finest hour. This survey response was, in fact, a trophy sculpted from the still-steaming pile of faeces that Adobe metaphorically dumped on my desk when the Acrobat 9 install media was first delivered.

Adobe Acrobat 9 is a bug-ridden and bloated piece of software that I will never be buying again.

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