HP seriously need to get it together

Last month, HP published a support document outlining a problem with their Universal Printer Driver. The issue is one that, when I spoke to HP about it 6 months ago, they claimed was a problem with my configuration and had no interest in helping me with.

The workarounds they list are not very effective; I know, because I’ve tried them. The actual fix, according to the support document, is to install version 4.7.2 of the driver software.

It’s been more than 7 weeks since they published that document, and version 4.7.2 has still not been made available on the HP website. No public release schedule exists. No-one from HP seems to want to discuss it.

HP really, really, need to get their act together.


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2 responses to “HP seriously need to get it together”

  1. wpds says :

    Oh don’t get me started!!!!

    The lack of availabilty of this update is a nightmare.

    If you have previous versions running on W2K3 Citrix servers you’ll really be having issues – msiexec.exe hanging, regisrty hives expanding to huge sizes and constant event id 333 errors!!!!

    Cheers HP! – NOT

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