Best Windows 7 feature so far

Started evaluating the Windows 7 RC over the weekend. One of the advantages of being a Microsoft subscriber is that we get early access to this without having to resort to dodgy BitTorrent downloads.

I’ve already found my favourite new feature, and I have even joined it to a domain yet:


Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you: the “Log off” button.

Back on the Start Menu.

Where it should have been 2½ years ago in Vista.

Now, I should explain something: I’m not one of those luddites who has an orgasm every time they have an ignorant whinge about Vista. I like Vista. This, however, was one of the few little things that annoyed about it. I have spent hours of my life explaining to people that neither the Lock nor the Power symbol button on Vista’s start menu are buttons that will log you off. Those are hours of my life I am not getting back.

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One response to “Best Windows 7 feature so far”

  1. Bryan Plumb says :

    I could not have put it more elloquently myself.

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