Have you ever wondered what 100GB of laptop RAM looks like?

Yesterday, we found out.


In fact, I should elaborate. We found out what 300GB of laptop RAM looks like. Three of these trays, each containing 50x 2GB PC2-5300 SO-DIMMs, were delivered to us yesterday.

We’re doing a lot of RAM upgrades this year.

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7 responses to “Memory”

  1. brownt says :

    hopefully your pc’s are the first ones to be upgraded…

  2. AngryTechnician says :

    My laptop already has 4GB. I made sure of that when I specified my replacement last year.

  3. Ellira says :

    I think a little drool came out of my mouth there.

    That must RAM would make such an improvement to my life right now …

  4. Sanguinor says :

    I wish our place would give us funding for even half of that!

  5. Giles says :

    That’s nothing – I’ve worked at a big computer company where you could pickup trays of OEM CPUs worth £100k :)

  6. mrsmith says :

    Oh, for ONE of those chips right now. I know, I know. Cheapskate. I should just buy one. But wouldn’t it be better to put my money towards a new laptop? Hmm.

  7. mrsmith says :

    p.s. Love the photo. Always love tech porn.

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