Dear programmers

If you have a product that requires a particular version of another piece of software in order to work, and you know that it doesn’t work with, say, version 3, but does work with versions 4 and 5 (5 being the latest), may I suggest a radical new way of implementing the code that checks these conditions are met?

I give you: the greater-than sign:


Would you like to see how it works? Here’s how!

If OtherProductVer > 3 Then DontScrewUp

Exciting, isn’t it? Much better than:

If (OtherProductVer = 4) Or (OtherProductVer = 5) Then DontScrewUp

The first advantage is that the code is simpler. Second, when version 6 of that other bit of software comes out, which will almost certainly work with your software, your customers won’t be completely hacked off that your software refuses to even start up because some near-sighted idiot didn’t know what a greater-than sign was for.

Love and kisses,

In related news, I tried to test a silent install of Adobe Creative Suite 3 on Windows 7 today. Some near-sighted idiot at Adobe helped make sure it didn’t work.

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2 responses to “Dear programmers”

  1. Kristof says :

    I would go to management and say that to them, and let them hire decent programmers ;)

  2. Nick says :

    I had the same issue with the Amazon mp3 downloader this week – it complained that it required windows xp or greater on my win7 machine. However, did manage to fool it into working – in Win7 right-click the setup.exe and select Troubleshoot Compatability – it recommended Windows XP (sp2) compatability mode which I selected and the app installed…

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