Way to screw up my 5-year plan, Dell

At my recent job interview I was asked to give a presentation on a ridiculously vague subject that essentially amounted to crystal-ball gazing.

In part of it I laid out my tentative predictions for the next 5-10 years of client evolution in education. I posited that the recent explosive growth in the use of netbooks would lead them to be the cornerstone of education workstations in 5 years time.

I also predicted that the mass-marketability of the iPhone would popularise touch interfaces to the point where they became very cheap to mass-produce, and that within the next few years we would a convergence leading to touchscreen netbooks.

Today, Dell put their newest netbook on sale in the US and Europe, the Latitude L2100. It’s specifically designed for the education market.

It has a touch screen.

The touch screen option is just £33 extra.

Apparently we have already reached the point where touchscreens are cheap to mass-produce. I will gleefully say I saw it coming. I did not see it coming this soon. So thanks, Dell, for totally ruining my predictions for the next 5 years. I especially hate you for doing it with a product that is quite clearly very cool.

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6 responses to “Way to screw up my 5-year plan, Dell”

  1. Federico says :

    That is indeed very cool. I want one! I especially like the charging/networked station.

  2. Reboot_Technician says :

    Did you not hear about this new product then?

    It was announce some time ago, but is not released yet. Looks mighty good though.

  3. AngryTechnician says :

    Oh I heard about it, but assumed it was Asus future-gazing and that it wouldn’t make it to market anytime soon. It’s also looking considerably more expensive than the Dell, and while Asus are good at making components, I don’t rate them as a whole-build supplier.

  4. Jon says :

    At least your predictions were about the future. Have a look at some of the visions from Local Authorities for BSF. They talk about interactive boards in all classrooms in 3 years time.

  5. Gerard Sweeney says :

    Nice touchscreen..

    In terms of the trolley – Isn’t this just Class In A Box? Something RM touted years ago. Unfortunately, they saddled it with 20 laptops trying to access 1 single wireless router going into 1 CAT5 wallpoint… And folk wondered why certain things ran slowly on them :)

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