A discourse of insanity

This is a conversation I had over the phone today. I present it for your consideration in full, with only my name changed:

“IT Support, Angry Technician.”

“Comma Separated Values.”


“CSV stands for Command Separated Values.”

“… yes.”

“I called up because I didn’t know what it was, I thought you’d like to know.”

“…OK, thanks.”


Remember, I said in full. That was the entire conversation. To say I was baffled is an understatement.

About The Angry Technician

The Angry Technician is an experienced IT professional in the UK education sector. Normally found in various states of annoyance on his blog. All views are those of his imaginary pet dog, Howard.

2 responses to “A discourse of insanity”

  1. andyt31 says :

    I had a similar call once. Person asked what ‘WTF?’ ment. It was sent to her in a email.

    She thought it was some kind of server error message, bit like EOF. Honestly true…

  2. Dan says :

    I love it when people don’t even say hello, let alone ask how you are.

    In my previous employment I had to support this god awful DOS application through which the company processed all of its invoices. The company sold this software, too and pimped us out as telephone support to these paying customers. This is how it went down:

    Me: Hello, IT.

    Them: Glalive – (Glalive is one of the data files in this DOS application. Occasionally when the application crashes, this file name is displayed as part of the error message. Not even the first part.)

    Me: I’m good thank you. How can I help?

    Them: Glalive!

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