Never let Angry Technician do a BIOS upgrade

At least, that’s what Bond always says.

I have had the misfortune to suffer two BIOS upgrade fatalities in my time, but that should be placed into the context of the many hundreds that I’ve done without incident. BIOS upgrades tend to be a very hit or miss affair; when they go wrong, they usually cause the entire computer to become inoperable.

The first failure was many years ago, when I tried to upgrade a print server device. I sent it back under warranty since I’d followed the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter. They kept it for 2 months before sending it back, unfixed, right after the warranty expired with the response that they couldn’t fix it. We never bought anything from them again, because they are clearly scumbags.

The second was my own computer a few months ago. I feel a certain sense of culpability for that one since I tried the BIOS upgrade from within Windows; years of doing the same on other Dell computers had lulled me into a false sense of security. Here’s a free tip for you: never upgrade the BIOS from within Windows if you have the choice to reboot into DOS. Again, it was under warranty. Dell sent an engineer to replace the motherboard the next day. There’s a reason we keep buying from them.

As a result of these, I receive open ridicule, feigned panic, and enactments of taking cover from imminent explosions any time I mention performing BIOS upgrades in the presence of any of the Support team. What they are forgetting however, is the time I accidentally saved the school £800 with an HP printer BIOS upgrade that went a bit wrong… but that’s a story for another time.

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