This was the temperature in my new office just before I left today.

Most of the servers are in here, along with the core switch.

There is no air conditioning.


This is getting a little ridiculous.

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10 responses to “Heat”

  1. JW says :

    I’ve recently have the same problem at the school I work for. Simple solution, shut down the servers. Suddenly AC becomes a priority. They actually borrowed parts from a unit in a classroom down the hall to repair mine. Better to let a student sweat than cook a server.

    • AngryTechnician says :

      Somewhat irritatingly, the ICT labs have air conditioning because they are all newer builds. I am already making a plan to submit to construct a small ‘server room’ by drywalling off part of my office (which is quite spacious) and fitting an air conditioning unit inside the new space. Unfortunately, I doubt it will happen this summer.

  2. Richard says :

    Too hot man. I’ve been getting data corruption on my home server due to high disk temperature. You could be getting silent flipped bits and not even know it. Bad, bad news.

  3. Rich says :

    Hehe i beat you!! mine got to 33 yesterday!

  4. Dale says :

    Heck, I realise you blokes like your beer warm, but 32.3c isn’t that hot.

  5. David says :

    It’s just schools in general, I’ve been teaching in 29-30 degrees since June so just think of it as a weight loss initiative.

  6. hazymat says :

    Dual redundant Daikin units. Accept nothing less for your server room.

  7. CuppaT says :

    So you’d argue that 58 degrees C is pretty bad then! That was an old colleagues server room yesterday morning when their A/C failed. We’ve managed to hit 47 before, (the A/C failed overnight) we shut the servers down immediately, added make-shift A/C (fans and open doors) for a couple of hours until the A/C was running and cooling again. Only took 30-35 minutes to build up the extra 25+ degrees C when the A/C went off, not bad going really :-)

  8. pete says :

    we recorded 38c in our 2nd server room :(

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