We have the painters in at the moment.

That would be fine, except for the fact that I didn’t think there was any decorating going on in the school for another few weeks. I already knew about a small building project which required some IT equipment to be relocated, but it turns out I didn’t know about the other two classrooms across the hall that are being painted. This means I did not remove the interactive whiteboards in advance of swarthy men with paintbrushes being allowed to run rampant.

I am now the proud owner of two SMARTBoards that are covered in paint splatters.

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5 responses to “Paint”

  1. Ellira says :

    It stuns me that the painters didn’t think to say, cover the board up with sheets.

  2. bofhuk says :

    I hope they’re going to get the bill…

  3. Wallace says :

    Welcome to my world.

    Next they will install three compartment trunking and then use sealant to make sure it can never be opened again.

    Although my personal favourite was the workman who pulled a fibre optic cable (through a brick wall) out of the back of a network cabinet, with a mini digger. And then pushed it back into the hole and hoped no-one would notice.

  4. FobbedOff says :

    I had thought/hoped that facilities or estates managers were not all the same as regards selective memory but it appears they are. Just wait till you set up an area with computers and are then told the carpet is due to be changed requiring the room to be cleared.

    We also had a clearly labelled fibre optic mysteriously broken by innocent workmen except they managed to do it twice. Apparently it must have just snapped all by itself. Remarkable!

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