No trunking? No problem.

Run out of trunking while running some cabling for an interactive whiteboard?

That’s a problem.

Got some electrical tape?

No problem.


This is what I found behind one of our IWBs when I removed it last week. The rest of this clearly top-notch trunking job was up to a similar standard, with joints created with tape and corner pieces that had been butchered with scissors. There’s a reason that facilities told me they weren’t happy with many of the previous cabling contractors the school had used.

Here’s some bonus images off the McGuyver-like standoffs the installers created for the board rail itself, and evidence of how good their clean-up job was when they installed the board 4 years ago:

Standoff Dust

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6 responses to “No trunking? No problem.”

  1. BM says :

    I think most cable installers are the same. We once complained about some rj45 ports we had installed. We told the installers that they didnt work and was told ‘They do work, you just have to wiggle the cable about until you get a link’. The sad part is that we still have to use them.

  2. WRJ says :

    Why I still prefer to run the cable myself. Good Cable installers are so hard to find.

    • AngryTechnician says :

      Indeed. On Tuesday I took delivery of a £500 order from Mayflex of the parts I need to do all the network cabling we need this summer myself. I’m not doing the projector cabling, but I will be putting some networking in the same room at the same time, which may serve to shame the other installers into doing a better job.

  3. TheCrust says :

    I think you should identify the contracting company responsible for such a stirling job – just as you have often freely and so eloquently commented on the excellent quality of HP printer drivers, service and support. ;-)

    • AngryTechnician says :

      I would if I knew! The school has had many different contractors in over the years, and no-one knows which was responsible for this particular effort. If you want to come in and go through the last 5-10 years of invoices to find out…

  4. Gerard Sweeney says :

    When several of our schools got Promethean IWBs with ceiling mounted projectors, you can imagine how chuffed we were to discover that the not-exactly-cheap Promethean-registered company had the wisdom to mount the projectors on false ceilings.

    That’s right – rather than install a pole and cut through the false ceiling, they mounted it straight onto them.

    So we were chuffed. Though not nearly as chuffed as the teacher the projector came crashing down on.

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