Dear Cisco

If you are going to publish crucial mistakes in your Cisco IOS configuration guides, could you please have the common decency to make them at least moderately obvious?

Telling someone to configure the ip nat outside command on the ATM interface, when it should be on the Dialer interface, is a quite subtle distinction for someone configuring a router from scratch for the first time. You know, the sort of time when one would be closely following the configuration guide?

Love and kisses,

P.S. Wildcard masks? Seriously? What the hell is wrong with regular subnet masking?

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2 responses to “Dear Cisco”

  1. Maria says :

    To be fair to whoever was writing the guide, it’s not always the case that the ATM interface is used as a channel that the dialler is attached to. In many cases the PVC on the ATM interface is an IP interface in it’s own right.

    One example of that in the UK is the Be unbundled ADSL2+ offering.

    It’s just unfortunate that in the UK, BT’s implementation is geared towards bulk and generic migratability. That means running PPP over ATM so you can move connections around with database entries instead of equipment config.

    • AngryTechnician says :

      Quite true, as I found when I was browsing other articles trying to rectify the fault – it was in fact when I saw a config example for Be that I noted the lack of a dialler interface and realised the error. However, the configuration guide I was following was quite specifically a PPPoA guide.

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