Universal Speaker Mount

Need to mount some speakers above an Interactive Whiteboard?

Not got any wall mounts?

Some pipes in the way, perhaps?


Universal Speaker Mount

It is a FACT that there is no problem too great that it cannot be solved with cable ties.

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9 responses to “Universal Speaker Mount”

  1. broadcaststorm says :

    Great stuff!
    Looks better than the parcel tape that held up an installation at an old school I attended…

  2. Dale says :

    ‘ruddy cowboys. You’d think they’d hide the “ends” at the back of the speaker.

  3. Matthew P says :

    it’s true about cable ties, and if you combine cable ties with duck tape you can accomplish anything. There are rumours that North Korea are working on getting cable tie and duct tape capability, and when they get it, we better get worried.

    But that is one nasty installation..but at the risk of playing devil’s advocate, someone at the school would have signed that off. You can always not sign the sheet and refuse to pay, which would bring the installers back pronto to do the job properly..

  4. TheCrust says :

    Are these the same cowboys that did the interactive whiteboard you wrote about a couple of weeks ago?

    • AngryTechnician says :

      Unfortunately, I have no idea. It’s possible it could even have been a member of staff. However, I have been told by Facilities that the school has a torrid history of one bad contractor after another.

  5. korifugi says :

    I like the way the power cable has just been trailed across the top of the conventional whiteboard and stuck behind the pipe…

    Did the engineers’ dinner consist wholly of bananas???

  6. tmcd35 says :

    +1 rep. :D

  7. dudey@ fancy dress says :

    hahah fantastic solution

  8. Duncan says :

    I have in the past built things such as this…
    the ability to fix anything with cable ties is one I have honed and come to respect in others.

    However you dont use this skill on stuff the customer is going to see….

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