I recently received a response from a supplier after completing a customer satisfaction survey while I was logged in to their website. At the end of they survey, they had asked for ‘one way we could improve’, and I had duly noted a quite simple way that they could improve the decidedly mediocre rating I’d given them.

The response went so far as to apologise for the specific problem I mentioned, and under normal circumstances would have been very satisfactory.

However, I did not receive this response directly. Instead it was sent to Bond, my manager at my previous school, and prefaced with a note that they already knew I no longer worked there.

Well, great for them that they know I’ve left. Here’s the puzzle though:

  1. To my knowledge, my previous school has not had any dealings with this supplier. Certainly not while I worked there, if ever.
  2. I have only had a login for the supplier’s website since after I started my new job.
  3. My username is my email address, which has the new school’s name in it.
  4. My login is linked to my new school’s account with the supplier, as the primary contact for the account.

Despite all this, they seem convinced that I was sending feedback on behalf of my previous school. Perhaps this explains why I was never called back?

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