Tractor Feed

Today, another relic emerged from the depths of the store room next to my office.

It’s been a very long time since the school had any printers that used this. Given the age of some of the computers still in use at the school, that means considerably more than if the same statement were made elsewhere.

Tractor Feed

In related news, the Reception classes received a large shipment of scrap paper today.

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One response to “Tractor Feed”

  1. Emanuel Crisp says :

    Ha! Sadly we still use this stuff! Our finance department uses a dot matrix printer (a technology now amusingly rebranded as “impact printer” to describe the effect it has when you throw it at a wall) for printing payslips.

    We’ve looked at alternatives, but all the ones we’ve seen would require an increase in manual effort which outweighs the moderate cost of pre-printed secure payslips. Harumph.

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