Dear Digital Blue

Every piece of your software I have ever dealt with is utter rubbish.

For me, the torture began with the comically-named “Digital Blue Digital Movie Creator”, to which you had to add a redundant ‘digital’ to avoid never being able to sell the software to schools. Most recently, it was your dodgy QX-series microscopes. At every turn your products reveal themselves as cheap, gaudy, and developed by people who clearly have never read any of Microsoft’s application design guidelines, have almost no clue of how networked computer systems operate, and appear to have nothing but disdain for accepted principals of user interface design. They do, however, seem to be quite fond of designing user manuals in Microsoft Paint.

Every time a teacher hands me another one of your wretched creations with a hopeful and innocent gleam in their eye, my day is ruined. The bitter tears I would otherwise weep during the hours of anguish trying to get it to work are held back only by my hope that either you one day learn how to actually write software that isn’t a steaming river of effluence, or that you go bust. Frankly, at this point, I’d rather it was the latter.

Love and kisses,

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The Angry Technician is an experienced IT professional in the UK education sector. Normally found in various states of annoyance on his blog. All views are those of his imaginary pet dog, Howard.

5 responses to “Dear Digital Blue”

  1. Terry says :

    Amen to that, they bl00dy things are a nightmare!!

  2. Wallace says :

    We too have some of these in the cupboard. They are in the cupboard for a reason.


  3. Andy says :

    Similar here – but I binned them when they arrived

  4. CAM says :

    Dealt with these a few years back (their cameras specifically). Not only do they look like cheap kids toys but were bloody crap. Surely companies should encourage kids to use standards compliant software to upload their creations instead of their own junk apps? Or would that be too useful a skill later in life?

  5. korifugi says :

    Its not just the digital blues that are crap – there is an alternative that has been knocking around for a while called tuffcams, which are big, ugly and seem to be based on the same sterling level of $h!te the blues are designed with…

    I’ve also found there are three revisions of digital poos, two of which look the same but refuse to use the same driver set – so if a school buys two batches theres all kinds of fun involved.

    Seriously – whats wrong with teaching kids using more of the kind of thing they might just actually use in real life, say…. cheap digital cameras?

    It might actually teach some reasoning skills as they might have to look to see what button to press!

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