The BBC reported this morning on the flagrant salary inflation that is occurring in schools.

Beware: what you are about to read may shock you.

Governors are reported to be offering five figure salaries to head teachers


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6 responses to “Overpaid”

  1. Dan says :

    Five figure salaries; thats disgusting. What do they really do? They should have four figure salaries like erm….. erm…….. wow; I can’t think of any jobs that pay four figure salaries….. lmao

  2. Sanguinor says :

    Flipping burgers.

  3. Matthew P says :

    £9999 is more than enough reward to run a school managing over 100 teachers and the same number of support staff, managing a budget of millions and having the entire social system (politicians, industry, parents), with massive expectations of all the students passing out with 10 grade As.

  4. Giles says :

    Domino’s Pizza :)

  5. Giles says :

    BTW – it’s been changed to six-figure in the article…

    • AngryTechnician says :

      Yes, it was changed by about 11am on the day, though they sneakily never changed the ‘last updated’ time. Note, however, that they only fixed it in the main body text; the picture caption still says five.

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