Dear Canon

When you hide the most useful version of your driver software on your U.S. website, leaving the European site bereft of even an explanation that an alternative exists to the retrograde version you foist upon us, you are wasting both my time, and yours.

Wait, scratch that. It’s just my time you’re wasting. Cut that out, will you?

I expect this from HP, not from you.

Love and kisses,

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One response to “Dear Canon”

  1. Dale says :

    Toshiba had (has?) a habit of doing this as well. We’d found an issue with a laptop device driver, and thought we had the latest driver. Or, at least the latest one hosted on the Australian site.

    “Oh no, go to the Canadian site. They have the latest drivers, we don’t”, was the reply from the Australian tech rep.

    “That’s what we do.”

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