Dear SMART Technologies

It’s admirable that you’ve gone to as much effort as you have to ensure it is easy for administrators to install the software to support your SMART Board IWBs.

It would be more admirable if you’d actually given the Install Manager software a quick trial run before releasing it, because product activation during a silent install simply doesn’t work, due to a bug in your Windows Installer package.

Years ago, DHL had a slogan along the lines of “a promise is nothing until it’s delivered”. Sadly, the same is true here. It doesn’t matter how much effort you’ve put in; if your software falls at the last hurdle, it is useless.

The lesson here? Tests. They’re not just for cricketers.

Love and kisses,

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8 responses to “Dear SMART Technologies”

  1. TheCrust says :

    At least they’re better than Clevertouch. I have lost count of the number of times I have said naughty words out loud because of Clevertouch’s not-so-clever drivers under various configurations of hardware.

    Having to manually install the Smart stuff almost pales into insignificance in comparison. Almost.

    • AngryTechnician says :

      Oh I didn’t manually install, I ended up editing the MSI in Orca to fix the bug. I’ve had a lot of experience with this sort of thing.

      Also, I agree there are far worse out there – we also have Promethean, RM ClassBoard, and even an old Hitachi IWB at present, and I plan to replace many of them with SMART over the next few years.

  2. mavhc says :

    Works for me, of course it wants to configure stuff for new users, and add toolbars to office etc etc etc. Clevertouch can’t tell that the same board in another usb socket is the same board, sigh. Probably less liable to be damaged compared to smartboards though.

    At least smartboards now work without drivers.

    • AngryTechnician says :

      Yes, it is odd that not everyone has this problem, but I know I’m not the only one and I identified exactly what to change in the MSI to get it to work, so… no-one really knows why it fails. So some SMART Boards now work without drivers? The newer ones I presume, because our 600’s don’t…

      • TheCrust says :

        Some of our Smartboards woke up and worked with basic interactivity such as mouse control only without drivers under WIndows 7. That said, a lot of them didn’t so I guess it depends on the individual firmware installed on the boards as to how Win 7 detects them.

        Didn’t pay it much attention at the time – we had to put the notebook software back anyway on as a lot of staff had created lesson plans using it and to not have it was “unthinkable”, so I was told.

        Quite how they would manage if they wrote everything in one application that suddenly stopped working, or was withdrawn, I dread to think….

  3. Kyle says :

    Hope you’ve posted the fix to AppDeploy :P

  4. Alexander says :

    I’m also trying to set up a silent installation, and came accross the same problem. We’ll soon be having 15 smart boards, and more than 60 teachers needs to have Notebook 10 installed on theire computers.

    I successfully created a windows shortcut from the following silent installation code: msiexec /i”path to…\Notebook Software.msi” ISX_SERIALNUM=“NB-xxxx….” FULL_GALLERY=1 LAT_CONTENT=1 ACTIVATE_LICENSE=1 TRANSFORMS=”1044.mst” /qb+!

    The teachers can then simply install drivers and notebook themselves (from a network folder), but they have to activate notebook manually (the serial is filled in though). But why doesnt the ACTIVATE_LICENSE=1 work properly?

    Does anyone have a bugfix for this? Thanks!
    Regards, a norwegian teacher…

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