“Office Vista”

In the last few years it has become increasingly common when dealing with users for them to refer to the most fundamental software products on their machine by the wrong names. In particular, an awful lot of users seem complete incapable of telling the difference between Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office – and it is doing my head in.

Despite what a distressingly large number of plebeians may believe, the following products DO NOT EXIST:

  • “Office Vista”
  • “Windows 2007”

If I had a tenner for every time I heard the first of those in particular, I wouldn’t feel the need to play the lottery; I’d just volunteer to deliver Office 2007 training in every school in the country, and I could retire after a year. This is partly Microsoft’s fault for having both a Windows 2000 and Office 2000, followed by a Windows XP and Office XP. However, the fact that 8 years later people still seem to believe this pattern is being followed is solely down to their own inattentiveness.

It’s only a matter of time now until someone asks me about “that Office 7”. Little do they know that I have a copy of Office 7.0 ready to install on their machine the moment they ask about it.

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6 responses to ““Office Vista””

  1. Giles says :

    …in XP Mode in Win 7? Can you blame them?


  2. andyt31 says :

    Another annoyance is people calling their PC tower their ‘hard drive’.

  3. Stone says :

    That is so funny, I work in a computer lab and I was just asked, “Does Windows 2010 come with Excel?”

  4. SlightlyVexed says :

    My particular favorite is staff asking for ‘Adobe’ to be installed… especially if it’s on a little note in my pidgeon hole, with no indication even of WHO wants a software company installed.

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