LadiesMan sent me a photo from my old school today, a sorry tale of what happens when 100+ students are let loose with identical laptops. Basically, they find any way they can to set their apart.

The sixth form buy in to a student laptop scheme. Since the hardware is owned by the students (or at least their parents), they tend to like to personalise them. Last year they had Dell Latitude laptops. We saw Dells with Apple stickers on, Dells with the entire lid covered with stickers, Dells with gold touchpads… you get the idea.

This year, they got Samsung NC10s.

Update: Unfortunately, so did the science department and library, which meant that the school now had 100+ students who were experts in bastardising the same equipment the school had, and this was the result:

Oh dear.

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8 responses to “Personalisation”

  1. p858snake says :

    Nice, but apparently they lack ruler skills to make it look perfect =(

  2. LadiesMan says :

    Hey there AT! I forgot to mention that this little beauty is not actually one of theirs… It’s actually one of our Science Netbooks! I’m also guessing by the context of the renamed item it must have something to do with Biology, so when I find the section on Assmungs in the syllabus I’ll forgive them! I’m sure that it’ll be in there somewhere.

  3. Federico says :


  4. TheCrust says :

    Absolutely brilliant – though I can’t see a way of customising the N140’s we brought for evaluation purposes in the same way.

    Any chance you can post up a “how to..” please AT? It would be useful for putting off the various members of staff who seem to want to treat the loan kit as their own and not return it…. I mean, who wants to sit on a train and try to act professional, or give a presentation to the DCSF if their laptop announces to the world they are ASSMUNG? :-)

  5. Giles says :

    That is pure genius.

  6. Robinson says :

    See nothing has changed here then! How is the donkey?

  7. Robinson says :

    You never did send me your email address…… I assume Princess is still your favourite then :)

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