Dear School Photographer

I spent hours yesterday correcting the 1-2° slant of all the landscape and architecture shots you took for the school prospectus two years ago. Many people would not notice the sloping paths and off-kilter fenceposts, and I would only describe myself as an amateur in the field of photography, but I do have an eye for detail and I can at least hold a damned camera straight.

Might I suggest that if you do not have an eye for detail, perhaps ‘professional photographer’ is not the best career choice?

Love and kisses,


P.S. When taking photos of students using audio equipment, would it have killed you to ask them not to wear the one set of headphones that been stuck back together with sticky tape?

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5 responses to “Dear School Photographer”

  1. Mat says :

    Not to promote myself or anything but…


    /shameless plug

    • AngryTechnician says :

      I actually already recommended you to our Marketing Manager on the basis that the guy we currently use is frequently booked up these days, and the lack of being able to shoot straight certainly doesn’t work in his favour either.

  2. Dave S says :

    Sloping horizons are a bad thing, but we all make mistakes. I once did a load of pics of our Forensic Science students, in the car park, working with the lecturer on a mock-up of a crime scene.

    Every single shot I took prominently featured the cigar that the lecturer was smoking, which I hadn’t noticed at the time.

    Fortunately, cigars are generally easy to Photoshop out when held in the hand. But not so easy when they’re stuck in someone’s mouth.

  3. Andy says :

    Having proudly shown off my new department-paid-for Canon EOS 7, I then had to take a photo of a group of students who had just received scholarship awards, only to find out the camera had focused on the data projector and not the students.
    I then spent the next three hours cutting and pasting heads from the individual ‘grip & grin’ photos onto the group one, all the while praising the person who invented Photoshop!

  4. Garry says :

    Oh Dear!

    Have you forgotten that anybody who owns a DSLR suddenly becomes a “professional” photograher these days?

    You don’t need to have any skill or understanding of what your doing, just snap away, and may be try to fix the mess with Photoshop!

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