While trying to patch Adobe InDesign earlier today, I ran into the following error:

I checked Task Manager and confirmed the obvious. No prizes for guessing which program is the ‘Patcher Application’.


(The workaround is to extract the update using something like 7-Zip and running the enclosed PatcherApplication.exe manually).

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5 responses to “IneptDesign”

  1. Andy says :

    Excellent. I hate Adobe Reader products with a passion – utter rubbish.

    • AngryTechnician says :

      After years of abusive addiction I’m currently trying to kick my Adobe habit. Have only GIMP and Inkscape installed at work, but haven’t quite got as far as uninstalling Photoshop at home yet… *twitch*

  2. Andy says :

    It’s hard to do and I wouldn’t do it – I love PS but the rest of it can go in the toilet. Roaming profiles and the Corel Draw cached previews can go too.

    There are so many…

  3. Andy says :

    That is “Corel Draw cached previews ” whilst using roaming profiles … definitely toilet material.

  4. Jason Dilling says :

    SUPERB! I had an Adobe error in the similar style here:

    I enjoy the posts!

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