I ask you: who in their right mind would implement a ‘Silent’ setting on a mobile phone that has the vibrate function DISABLED by default?

Answer: Nokia, that’s who.

Now I know why I’ve been missing calls when my phone is on silent for, ooh… I don’t know, the last YEAR. Here I was thinking my upper thigh was just going numb.


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7 responses to “Silence”

  1. stockyscouts says :

    My HTC TyTN II does the same. Only worked out on Saturday! DOH

  2. Nat says :

    you sound as bad as nokia for taking a year to work out what was happening! :p

    • AngryTechnician says :

      I don’t use my phone much. On average, I make and receive fewer than 6 calls per month combined. Also, the last 5 Nokia’s I’ve owned did not work this way, so it was wholly unexpected.

  3. Sanguinor says :

    Can’t say I’ve ever had that problem myself, more that I feel my phone going off!

  4. Ray says :

    I’m in Nokia’s camp on this one – My phone has “normal”, “vibrate” and “silent”. And it really bugs me that the “silent” mode still vibrates. The first thing I do is change the “silent” mode so that it is properly silent – no vibration, nothing.

    There are times when I don’t want to switch my phone off, but I really don’t want any noise at all coming from it.

    I know it’s dangerous the disagree with the Angry Technician, but I’m feeling brave this afternoon!

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