I HATE these stickers.

Not just the Windows ones; Intel, AMD, Creative; any sticker that advertises the innards of a machine is an offence not only to me but to the person who designed the computer in the first place.


There is not a product designer in existence who leant back in his chair one day and said to himself, “You know what would make this computer case PERFECT? A postage stamp-sized advertisement, clumsily stuck on by a ham-fisted moron who wouldn’t know straight if you beat him with a spirit level.”

There is simply no faster way to cheapen the look of a computer than to bung one of these on it. The first thing I do when I get a new computer is rip the damn things off. Often before even turning it on. LadiesMan and Overshare will probably have fond memories of me lambasting them if ever they forgot to do the same. That’s CHARACTER BUILDING, my friends. DISCIPLINE. RESPECT for the hard work of that designer, even if he does design cases for RM. He did not go through 4 years of university just to have a wonky advert slapped onto his painstaking design.

One day, you’ll thank me.

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10 responses to “Stickers”

  1. Sam says :

    I have a “Designed for Microsoft Windows XP” sticker on my laptop. Even though its running Ubuntu Karmic as its only OS. I will be performing a removal asap!

  2. Carl says :

    Why have your posts lately turned into long, unfunny rants about meaningless things?

    You used to be funny, now you’ve just lost it totally.

  3. Andy says :

    I still like it. Bravo keep it up.

  4. Dale says :

    Perversely I like these stickers, as it gives the numpty laptop user something to scratch other than from the corporate IT asset label.

  5. Killer_Bot says :

    Whilst I hate the stickers also; it’s more the placement that gets me. We were doing an inventory a few months back and some numbty had stuck the PAT stickers over the serials in a bunch of rooms! 3 or 4 levels deep in some cases! Couldn’t peel them off as they then ripped the serial which made what we were doing irrelevant in the first place!

    Bell ends.

  6. Chris says :

    It’s the relocation that’s more fun. We have a dual core kettle, vista water cooler and win7 fridge.

    • AngryTechnician says :

      At my last job we received a “Powered By CORSAIR” sticker in the box with a new Corsair power supply. We stuck it to the desk fan and scrubbed out the ‘CORS’ bit.

    • TheCrust says :

      Ah. Chris’ post brings up some fond memories: of an air conditioning blower sporting a Windows 98 COA (the engineer who came to service it didn’t half look at it suspiciously) and the office chair belonging to the UNISON rep with a Celeron sticker on the back….

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