Rose tinted distortion

We bought a couple of Canon PowerShot A480 cameras this week for the students to use. As soon as they arrived, I set about testing them. Popped some fresh batteries and a memory card into the first one, turned it on, and then…

…found it was bloody broken.

How on earth does something make its way out of the factory like that?


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5 responses to “Rose tinted distortion”

  1. Stephen Roberts says :

    maybe they test them by taking a photo of a pink sheet of paper?

  2. korifugi says :

    You obvoiusly got a dispatch that was meant to go to the people who are responsible for BSF – They’ve probably just tested (yeah, right – BSF? Test?) theirs and have started screaming:

    “Noooooo! Realityyyyy!”

    • TheCrust says :

      Ah – I like that suggestion – I have often wondered myself if those working higher up within the BSF programme are all wearing rose-tinted glasses and as such require rose-tinted cameras to avoid looking a photos of reality.

      So what this really is is a dispatch cock-up: AT got theirs, they got his. :-)

  3. mark10000 says :

    how to fix this? my canon powershot a480 is like this..thanks

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