Xerox are ripping me off

You may recall my post last year about how much toner appeared to be left in a Xerox 6125 toner cartridge that the printer was reporting as ’empty’. Though much delayed, I have now quantified the leftovers, and the results are startling.

Xerox are ripping me off. Big time.

I weighed a yellow cartridge (P/N 106R01333) when it was full, fitted it and ran it until the printer spat it out as empty, then weighed it again to determine how much mass it had lost through toner being used. I then emptied as much remaining toner as I could without breaking into the cartridge, and weighed the cartridge a third time. (I also weighed the extracted leftover toner to double check).

Here’s what I found:

Full cartridge 83.3 g
‘Empty’ cartridge 75.3 g
Actual empty cartridge 71.0 g
Toner used 8.0 g
Toner remaining 4.3 g
Total toner 12.3 g

That’s right: this crooked printer is reporting the cartridge as empty when there is still an entire third of the toner remaining inside the cartridge!

(Final figures are accurate to within ±0.1 g due to the tolerance of the weighing scale I used).

Now, I don’t expect it to be completely empty, but this is utterly ridiculous. Unsurprisingly, I was a little miffed, so I called Xerox technical support and explained what I had found, and put it to them that the printer was surely faulty. After some pointless and irrelevant discussions about estimated page yield, and two consultations with 2nd level support, ‘Krystal’ informed me that leaving this much toner behind was in fact normal, and that the printer would never fully exhaust the cartridge by design.

AT: “So you’re saying it’s perfectly normal for the cartridge to still be 1/3 full when the printer says it’s empty?”

Krystal: “Yes, the printer will never completely empty the toner down to the last bit.”

AT: “But it’s actually meant to leave a whole third in there and still say it’s empty?”

Krystal: “Yes, that’s correct.

So there you have it, my dear friends. Xerox are deliberately wasting a third of the toner in every Phaser 6125 cartridge, and customers are picking up the bill.

Thanks a bunch, Xerox. These cartridges are not cheap, and I don’t appreciate so much of my budget going to waste. You’re either crooked or incompetent – and you just lost a customer.

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6 responses to “Xerox are ripping me off”

  1. samba_man says :

    We’ve been through all of that for the Konica Minolta 4650, trouble with this one is that compatibles are not produced and the originals are a silly price. Thankfully we’ve now got a refill setup which mean we can now afford to keep these things running.

  2. TheCrust says :

    We had some Xerox Phaser 8400’s at my old place. One in every IT suite to provide colour printing facilities to the students and staff, but controlled via Papercut software to prevent costly abuse.

    On the face of it they were lovely printers – used wax tablets that were nice and clean to use compared to the mess that toners (and waste toner bottles!) can be.

    The images of fluffy bunnies happily bouncing through a sun-soaked meadow were rapidly quashed though when we realised how much sodding wax these printers got through during a “routine cleaning cycle”.

    After that they were viewed through slightly less rose-tinted glasses. Unless photographed through one of your Canon cameras anyway.

  3. Dale says :

    We use Lanier multi-function-devices (aka digital photocopiers) in-house, and they seem to work reliably. The Konica Minolta c25x/35x/45x/65x series strike me as being built to a price. Reliable enough when we ran them though our test lab. The only real complaint we get with the KM’s is around PDF -> PCL printing.

    I’ll make a note to avoid the Xerox Phasers.

  4. Tekno says :

    I bought a Xerox Phaser 6125N and to the contrary I am quite happy. A full set of all 4 generic toners can be had for around US$ 50 (about 40 Euros for you folks on that side of the pond)

    My printer actually was the last one in the store and had a manufacturing defect in a fuser. Xerox Mexico sent a technician to my house after I complained about having to ship the printer. I knew what the problem was all along and even photographed the cause of the problem.

    • The Angry Technician says :

      We pulled this machine from service entirely a few months ago. After 2 years of light to moderate use, the imaging unit was already knackered, and at half the price of a new printer, it’s not economical to replace it (especially when 1 set of Xerox cartridges is the other half of a new printer).

  5. John Scatchard says :

    My Xerox Phaser 6125 N is telling me to install Yellow Cartridge when I have already put a new one in Xerox coul’nt source a solution wanted to refer me to technical help for £300 hmm buy a new printer instead does anyone know how to resolve this

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