If I ever meet the imbecile who did this to my network cabling, I will probably try to throw them out of a window. This is the reason I will never, ever, trust building contractors.

This is the woeful sight that greets me in the comms rooms on the top floor of the newest building, which opened in 2007. Cat5e ethernet, fibre, and fire alarm cable, all emerging directly from the concrete floor. The end of the ducts were poured over, meaning I can never run additional cabling to the sadly-lacking floors below. Every time I have to go into this room and see this, a deep boiling anger courses through my veins. It’s taken months for me to be able to master my rage long enough to hold a camera steady to take a photo.


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11 responses to “Defenestration”

  1. Sam says :

    Dare I ask what you will do if the cable needs replacing? I genuinely wonder how they expected you to run the extra cable like you said, though I assume this didn’t enter their minds.

    Alternate suggestion to throwing the person responsible out of a window, how about burying them waist deep in concrete and leaving them next to the cables?

  2. Oliver says :

    A good excuse to play with heavy machinery to make the hole bigger…

  3. Dale says :

    My first thought was that someone had taken an axe to your cabling.

    If that happenned to me, I would go to the effort to find the culprits, and then widely publicise this bit of bastardry.

    • AngryTechnician says :

      If someone had chopped through the copper (let alone the fibre), throwing them from a window wouldn’t be nearly visceral enough for my taste. I’d be using what was left of the cabling to throttle them.

  4. Andy says :

    Looks to me like cement – a hardy few knocks on the pipe from below might be enough to shatter it :)

    • AngryTechnician says :

      Entirely possible – I’m no construction expert. I do know this was a retarded thing to do.

      • Andy says :

        From the looks of it (unless you’ve already had a go at it) it looks like the cement is pretty rubbish anyway. A few sharp knocks with a bolster chisel and hammer would crack it up nicely.

  5. p858snake says :

    Know someone with a cement saw? just cut around it in a square, then depending on the thickness just a hammer and chisel or just leave it and run the new stuff though the opening.

    Or just get someone with a cement/hammer drill to make a hole in the corner for you for the future cables.

  6. SpittingCAML says :

    That is pretty bad, it reminds me of a time in my organisation that the building contractors erected a false wall in front of one of our servers. They left all the power and cabling connected, but left no way of us actually getting to it!

  7. Mr M says :

    It never ceases to amaze me how unintelligent some people are.

    Good GOD that’s awful.

  8. John says :

    Fire regulations will be why that was done, admittedly by far the best way of achieving the requirements for the spread of fire, intumessent pillows work well or intumessent mastic which can be pulled out out, but you are no longer able to leave them uncapped they must stop fire spreading along and up risers etc…

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