Forward Planning

Facebook announced today that photos on their site will now be larger:

“When it comes to viewing photos, we think bigger is better. We’ve begun increasing the maximum size for photos on Facebook by almost 20 percent to 720 pixels”

They also announced that they are completely incapable of forward planning. Of course, they phrased it slightly differently:

“You’ll start to notice the larger size as you upload new photos to Facebook or browse new photo albums from your friends. Older photos will remain in the previous maximum size of 604 pixels.”

Basically, they resized the images on upload and only stored the smaller image – nothing bigger. Clearly it never occurred to them that one day, people might have higher-resolution monitors. Idiots.

I have a £50 note that says this exact same thing happens next time they change the photo size.


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One response to “Forward Planning”

  1. Andy says :

    Hey at least RM planned enough and release XP SP3 today so it’s not all that bad.