It’s generally accepted by school workers that the illness risk associated with spending all day around invariably disease-ridden children is a hazard of the profession.

However, spending my Sunday in a state of semi-delirium punctuated by regular vomiting is not my idea of fun.

Today’s post was brought to you by the letters B for Bananas and L for Lucozade Sport. Looking forward to more of the same tomorrow. Not.

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8 responses to “Contagion”

  1. TheCrust says :

    Try flat coke if you’ve got an upset tum.

    Not supermarket own-brand or Pepsi – it has to be the real deal – which means none of this cherry or sugar-free-max-taste shit either.

    I’m told its because it’s acidic enough to kill the bugs, but when flat it won’t upset an already sensitive stomach.

    Can’t say if that’s very scientific, but it does seem to work on me anyway. Which is probably about the only good excuse I can come up with for drinking the stuff I inevitably find left beind by my own offspring in the kitchen cupboards….

    Sorry – I digress. Hope you’re better soon AT!

    • korifugi says :

      That doesn’t work too well for me – so it’s either tea or pure orange juice…

      (At least with enough orange juice it tastes the same coming back up!)

    • AngryTechnician says :

      Unfortunately I can’t stand Coke at the best of times, let alone when ill!

  2. Andy says :

    People probably won’t like this but … when I get infected and am reduced to a vomiting mess, I make sure I have orange ice lollies in the freezer and lots of them.

    Simply put, ingesting these things has two initial effects: actually gives you something to throw up and removes the vomit taste completely.

    Throwing up after gobbling 12 or so isn’t too bad – seems to help it along too.

    Get well soon!

  3. Dale says :

    I’m forgotten that particular joy of supporting school IT. My gripe is/was being constantly hit up for raffle tickets. If you didn’t buy one, the school ended up thinking you were cheap.

    • tmcd35 says :

      I don’t mind the school thinking I’m cheap – solves the christmas card problem!

  4. Stephen Lockyer says :

    Can I also offer some illness advice, especially for what you have, and that is to folllow the Hospital BRAT diet. Bananas, Rice, Apples, Toast (a little overcooked), off of which help to allieviate pain, line the stomach and supply you with repairing nutrients.

    • AngryTechnician says :

      Mrs AT has been prescribing the same, I’ve just been eating more bananas than anything else – mainly because getting anything at all to go down has been a struggle. Today has been a bit better.