A ticket came through today to replace the yellow toner cartridge in one of the network printers. Nothing unusual about that, so off I trot to replace it.

No sooner had I finished breaking down the enormous cardboard box the cartridge came in after returning to the office than a new ticket came in:

“Sorry, now the cyan has run out too!”

I had of course checked the levels when I replaced the yellow, and while it was low, it wasn’t out. Now it was. Because this printer hates me. I trundle back to the other side of the school and replace the cyan. I note that the black is also now showing as low, something the teacher has noticed too. “If this thing runs out of black in 5 minutes time,” I tell her, “I’ll come back and throw it out of the window.”

I return to the office and fire up the network status screen for the printer.


I open the print queue and watch as it finishes calibrating and merrily churns out the 10 page document waiting in the queue.


It’s stopped at 9/10 pages. Back to the status screen:




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7 responses to “Taunt”

  1. zmaster says :

    Sometimes life really loves being a C##t I would have just gone back and thrown it out of the window to prove that when I threaten equipment I mean it but maybee this is also partly due to us going to a new build this summer and needing to scrap all the printers in favor of mfd’s anyway…….

  2. Tom Bennett says :

    HP printer perchance?

  3. ICT_Tech says :

    We got lots of new HP printers last summer, some of which were colour (CP2025DN + CP3525DN) and I’m shocked at how long it takes for these bloody things to ‘Calibrate’ after replacing a cartridge. Then when it’s finally finished it then proceeds to print the first page in the queue then go into ‘Clean’ mode. Feels like half an hour you’re standing there. All I can say is WHAT THE HELL HP!

  4. 17G33K says :

    the new hp’s are just EPIC fail and A1d5 they are slow as well…..

    and really AT you would not have liked to have been me last weekend when in my few days off work when i do relaxing things like white water kayaking i got 2 tender documents (about the same size as war and peace, the unabridged oxford dictionary and the bible combined EACH) dumped on my desk friday afternoon and told we need your opinions and need all the main concerns highlighted by monday morning before they come in for a tender meeting !”£$%^^&*()….. Needless to say i was not impressed but if i say no i would have only been screwing myself over for the remainder of my career here…….

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