Context Menu of DOOM

Hat tip to @Rikev; he twittered about this odd Firefox bug this evening that I’d not heard of before, and it was curious enough for me to grab a screenshot of it. To reproduce:

  1. Open Firefox, and open an empty tab.
  2. Make sure you don’t have the window maximised, and can see a space the desktop on the far right of the monitor.
  3. Right click and hold in the empty Firefox window, then move the mouse to the far right edge of the screen, as if you were dragging something to the desktop with the right mouse button.
  4. Release, and marvel at: THE CONTEXT MENU OF DOOM.

I had to rotate my widescreen monitor into Portrait mode temporarily to get the screenshot; to me it looks like every possible context menu item, all on one enormous menu. There are more if you have plugins that add to the context menu, but this is the result with a vanilla copy of Firefox. Here of course is where you tell me this is old hat, as old as the Internet, old bug is old, etc. I hadn’t seen it before, so here it is.

Tested on Firefox 3.6.3 on Windows 7 Professional x64.

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One response to “Context Menu of DOOM”

  1. Rikev says :

    This will happen on Vista and XP as well. The menu that appears is the last right click menu you called up in Firefox. If you start a fresh instance of Firefox and don’t right click, the browser doesn’t know what to display so it shows everything.

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