How the mighty have fallen

I used to have a PalmPilot back in the day. Well, that’s not strictly true; I had an IBM WorkPad, which was a rebranded PalmPilot. And by “rebranded”, I literally mean “painted black with ‘IBM WorkPad’ written on it”. It was completely identical in all other regards, and nothing in the device’s OS or other attendant software mentioned IBM.

I eventually gave it up during my university years when I realised I was spending too much time playing Solitaire on it during lectures. Little did I know that playing games would soon become the principal lecture-hall activity undertaken by all students in the smartphone future to come (soon after usurped by Facebook and Twitter, of course). While it lasted, it was a decent device, and Palm didn’t really deserve to languish on the sidelines in the years that followed.

However, languish they did, until things started to look up with the launch of the Palm Pre, webOS looking to be a worthy successor to the Palm OS of yore. My wife bought a Pre not too long ago, and it’s a nice little phone. Alas, poor marketing, a lack of apps, and faulty hardware soon put paid to Palm’s return to grace, and as of today the days of Palm as an independent company are gone.

An ugly wedge now threatens discord in the Angry household. Mrs AT is now the owner of an HP product.

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3 responses to “How the mighty have fallen”

  1. p858snake says :

    Don’t worry… We won’t think less of you for that HP product….

  2. Kyle says :

    To be fair.. she’s not the owner of an HP product *yet* – the deal isn’t expected to close before the end of July.

  3. tmcd35 says :

    Could actually be the best thing that happened to palm. Atleast now WebOS has something of a future. HP are really gunning for Apple these days!

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