Dear Facebook

This is the 8th post I have published since the 16th April, but the Angry Technician Facebook page still refuses to acknowledge there have been any updates. Once upon a time it was only a matter of hours before the age updated via RSS. Then it started taking days. Now, it doesn’t seem to work at all.

Given that you have no mechanism for contacting support, I can only assume that as usual, you simply haven’t noticed that this functionality is broken because you are too busy trying to drive more traffic to the site from search egnines by attempting to redefine the social norms of privacy, opening as much up to the public by default as you think you can get away with.

I found it interesting that the number of followers I attracted on Twitter overtook the number of Facebook fans I had within 2 weeks of creating my account. Guess which one I’m paying more attention to now? Cut out the idiotic empire-building, and get back to running the bits of the site that made Facebook popular in the first place, before you become irrelevant to anyone except teenagers and Farmville addicts.

Love and kisses,

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The Angry Technician is an experienced IT professional in the UK education sector. Normally found in various states of annoyance on his blog. All views are those of his imaginary pet dog, Howard.

6 responses to “Dear Facebook”

  1. Pyroman says :

    As a non twitter user i’ll have to reply on here, honestly i preferred the old theme, this one is a little too complicated and harder to use, the old one was classier :)

  2. Wallace says :

    Original theme is best. Please don’t change it (says the man who has only upgraded to Office 2007 in the past couple of months and still uses XP site wide.)

  3. Claudio says :

    Figured out the same problem some weeks ago. As of now I have to manually “search for updates” of my blog so it gets imported into Facebook.
    Even more stupid is the fact, that, if you have written several posts in the meanwhile, they all get imported at the same time, messing up the order of appearance.
    Facebook definitely started to become messy, buggy (-ier I’d say) and annoying (with all the questions they ask every time you log in).

  4. AngryTechnician says :

    The Angry Technician page started updating automatically again over the weekend. I’d like to think they heard me, or at least fixed it coincidentally, but in reality it was probably just an accident that it now works again.

  5. Claudio says :

    Dear AT.. did it work for your RSS feed correctly?
    Facebook imported ALL the entries again. So every post is now twice imported in my Facebook notes… grrr

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