SYSTEM NEEDS REPLACEMENT. Initialization halted.

I go offsite for SIX MEASLY HOURS today to attend the SharePoint in Education event, and what happens? The switch that malfunctioned a few weeks ago chose today to suddenly lock up again, after I thought I’d fixed it following a firmware upgrade and two weeks of uptime.

This switch... is a git.

SIX HOURS. I rarely leave the damn site that long at the WEEKEND, so of course the sodding thing had to pick today to wet its knickers. Words cannot express my annoyance when I got back on site. I hate this switch with a passion you can only dream of.

ROM information:
Build directory: /sw/rom/build/fishrom(f04)
Build date: Jul 21 2004
Build time: 10:45:52
Build version: H.08.02
Build number: 137

OS identifier found at @ 0x7cb80000
Verifying Image validity ...
CRC on OS image header Passed
CRC on complete OS image file Passed
Valid OS image @ 0x7cb80000



SYSTEM NEEDS REPLACEMENT. Initialization halted.

There are going to be some murders.

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17 responses to “SYSTEM NEEDS REPLACEMENT. Initialization halted.”

  1. joe90bass says :

    And so your love of all things HP continues :-)

  2. Lukas Beeler says :

    At least that’s a very clear failure.

    I’ve had a customer with a ZyXEL switch that sometimes stopped broadcasts.

    What does that mean? Well, DHCP will stop working for clients which don’t have a lease yet. It will continue to work for clients which can just renew a lease.

    Oh, and everything works. Ping. File transfers. Everything. But DHCP.

    • AngryTechnician says :

      The funny thing is that despite the unambiguous SYSTEM NEEDS REPLACEMENT message, HP support still insisted on 5 minutes of diagnostics via telnet. Why build that sort of message in if you’re not sure it actually means what is says?

  3. _techie_ says :

    Yeah…it took me 4 days to get a replacement PoE switch, as the PSU had gone in it.

    The support guy wanted me to do a firmware upgrade to fix the problem….
    After 4 days of me moaning, and sending him the log files from doing firmware upgrades, he finally relented.

    I still like HP though, just not there cheapo home printers…the bundled software is just appalling IMO. 500MB for a driver, wtf!

    • AngryTechnician says :

      You found an HP driver that was only 500MB?

      • joe90bass says :

        hmmmm.. HP printer drivers, still trying to find one that works on our 2008R2 terminal servers. At least now it only crashes the print spooler, not the whole damn server…………

        • p858snake says :

          tried their “universal” drivers?

          • joe90bass says :

            I’m sure I did. Taking another look at TS printing is on my half term To do list, so I shall be looking at the Universal drivers again!

  4. Mr M says :

    Like negotiations with Robert Mugabe, it’s best you simply don’t do business with anything other than the good guys.

    If it’s not Cisco, don’t even bother. Salesmen will tell you otherwise, but they are all arseholes.

    Mr M.

    • Lukas Beeler says :

      Cisco is horribly overpriced, though. Try getting a L3 capable, 48 port Gigabit switch from them that doesn’t cost as much as a car.

      • AngryTechnician says :

        This is pretty much why I can’t replace with Cisco. I’d have them if I could, but I can’t even afford to replace all the 5yo workstations this year, and they are so far past it already it’s not even funny.

        Let’s not forget though that Cisco regard HP as a serious competitor, highlighted by the fact that they unilaterally booted HP out of the Cisco Channel Parter Program earlier this year. As much as I dislike HP, ProCurve does give a lot of bang for the buck. I’d just prefer a little less ‘bang’ right now.

        • Claudio says :

          There’s also Brocade (former Foundry) available…. not bad at all these switches!
          Cisco isn’t free of bugs or such failures either. I recently had a Catalyst switch and a Cisco Pix failing. Plus: It is indeed horribly pricey (as Lukas names it).

  5. Kyle says :

    Don’t forget the lifetime warranty too…

    • AngryTechnician says :

      This will actually be the second time the switch for this building has been replaced under warranty. I suspect we may have had a dodgy refurb as the last replacement, because there’s nothing about this cabinet that should be killing switches. I know this because the Netgear switch I use for emergencies lived in there for over a year at one point.

  6. _techie_ says :

    Yeah…seems like you have had a bad one or two switches. We have 10-12 year old 4000 HP Switches still working, its good kit for the price. I admit Cisco is the bomb, but schools simply cannot afford to price this stuff up, seeing as only the techs will notice the difference…

    Angry Tech – I feel your pain dude!

  7. Sebastian says :

    First do a Full-Factory-Reset. (See manual)
    After the first boot Flash the switch again with the latest ! firmware .
    Reboot the Switch.

    Fixed :-)



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