A delicious beverage

Hot chocolate is a delicious beverage, and co-incidentally the only hot beverage I will drink. Yes, that does mean I don’t drink coffee. Try not to fall off of your chair in stupefied shock.

Hot chocolate is not, however, particularly conducive to enhancing the performance of your laptop in any way, as a teacher recently found out when her ham-fisted son managed to spill some straight into his barely-new home laptop.

And then waited a week.

After an initial diagnosis this week, the laptop has gotten off pretty lightly. The last time I saw this sort of thing, a £1000+ machine was a complete write-off. This one seems to have suffered only a dead hard drive and keyboard. On first inspection, the hard drive damage seemed mysterious; other than the fact the drive would not even spin up, it appeared relatively unscathed. However, once the drive caddy was peeled off (and I should note that normally you don’t have to ‘peel’ a drive caddy from a drive), the damage was clearer.

The combination of heat and dissolved sugar has not only corroded the exposed metal parts, but also quite literally eaten away at the PCB, leaving these small craters on the underside of the drive. This is why I have a closed-container-only policy even in my own office, and why I will practically crucify any student found in an IT lab with a drink.

The keyboard damage was also obvious as soon as I popped a few keys off

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5 responses to “A delicious beverage”

  1. Mr M says :

    Ew gross.

    Now if it had been proper Italian hot chocolate, low on the sugar and high on the cocoa content, the drive may have survived the spillage.

    No doubt we are talking Options or Cadbury’s: the Pot Noodle of the hot chocolate world.

  2. Dale says :

    It’ll be the week long delay which has killed it, I’m sure.

    Even closed containers can be troublesome. A long time ago, I once spilled cola all though a keyboard, destroying it. Since then, I’ve used a “wide base travel mug” as my drinks container. And had no problems since.

  3. ICT_Tech says :

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only tech that doesn’t drink coffee but only hot choco instead :-)

  4. Claudio says :

    Red Bull does the same effect by the way…. Bad experience ^^

  5. Greywolf says :

    It gave me a giggle that google ads is bringing up an ad with “Office Bean to Cup Coffee” in this post.

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